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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Heart And Sole

I just had to do it. I had to write something about this meal.

As we were returning from the ice fshing trip last weekend, the conversation ended up to where we decided to have some elk heart for dinner. Yes, heart. If you've never had it don't scoff. It beats the hell out of liver. Tender, tasty, easy to cook.

Well, having decided on heart, 'M' said "We need to pick up some sole fillets. Just so we can say we had 'Heart and Sole'." Which we did.

While preparing the dinner, the conversation bantered back and forth along the lines of 'You could have given me all of your heart...', 'Come on now, have a heart...', 'I never left my heart in San Francisco...'.

It was most yummy. One of the best surf and turf combos I have ever had.

As you were.

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