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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Gay? Straight? Trans?

I'm so confused.

Here's a scenario. You're gay, you want to get married. Forget gender. Evidently, gender is irrelevent.
Let's say you live in Taxecheussettes or Califucknia, where so far, they've been able to do it. So the preacher says:
I now pronounce you man and wife? Husband and wife? Wife and wife? Husband and husband? Dunno. Don't want to think about it.
Fine, that part is over. You now have to file your taxes. Who checks the 'Spouse' box?
Married filing jointly or Married filing separately. Someone has to be the spouse.
That probably has already been determined, but what does the law say?

Now you're getting divorced. Again - spouse. Who? Who gets the house? The alimony?

Now let's throw another handful of sand into the Vaseline. You're a transsexual.
You're a guy married to a girl who used to be a guy.
What if you're a divorcing a guy who used to be a girl, and you dress up as a guy but you're a girl who use to be a guy?
Who gets the house? The alimony? Would it depend on whether you had the operation before or after the wedding?
Or, you're a girl who use to be a guy, married to a guy who used to be a girl and you had kids before the operations. Since most states sway toward giving mommy posession of the kids, who gets the house, the alimony, the kids, the dog...

Uhnnn.... Is it Miller time yet?

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