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Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraq Voting

Just a quick thought here. I'm sure this will be covered quite extensively in numerous other blogs, but I was thinking about the elections in Iraq. I don't know that many details - like what difference whoever gets elected will make, but I do know it is a proud moment in their history to be able to vote again.
But they aren't able to just drive to the local elementary school, park on the curb and walk in and vote. No, they get to park a mile or so away, if they are driving, then they get to be searched by police who are in danger of their lives from suicide bombers. All of this while avoiding terrorist threats, bullets and bombs. Now even with all this going on, they still had roughly a 60% voter turnout there.

Here in the United States, where there is no fear of dying just to cast a vote, and where it is our right as a citizen to vote, we a 55.3% turnout of the voting age population.

Goes to show just how important almost half of our population thinks elections are. Almost half of our population basically don't give a shit who's in office, until after it's all over with. At which time, they will bitch about what a sorry government we have and how the elected officials are ruining our lives and the world.

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