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Friday, January 28, 2005

This Is Fun

People from snow country (especially boys) will appreciate it a lot more than others:


Christina said...

Hey, on the right side bar, the bar and garage stuff are way cool. How did you do that?


curmudgeon said...

www.cafepress.com has the functionality to set up your own little 'shop'. You pick the items you want to sell and upload an image file to be put on the items. From there, you can add an amount over their base price for your profit.
I don't have any markup on my stuff, you pay the same price for it at my shop as I would pay for them myself, so I don't get any commission. I did it more for fun than as a money maker.
For more on how to do it, click on the logo to bring up my shop, the scroll down until you see "Open a shop just
like this today!" on the left-haned side.

Christina said...

Thanks for the help!!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hey, on your logo, what *is* that -- four guys
pulling open decorative blinds???

curmudgeon said...

Uuhhh, not quite.
Me in the middle (of course), father's family crest on the left side, mother's family crest on the right, surrounded by some scrollwork.
If you go to the on line store, you can see a bgger picture of the logo.
Click on one of the items, then click on "View Larger Image".