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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Again, From The 'DUH' Files

Yet another bonehead study:
Malt Liquor Drink of Homeless and Unemployed -Study:

"Malt liquor, a type of beer that is higher in alcohol than other brews, is largely a drink of the homeless and unemployed, and is likely to be abused, U.S. researchers reported on Monday."
Likely to be abused? Are you sure? I don't believe it.
"Rhonda Jones-Webb, an expert in alcohol consumption and behavior at the University of Minnesota who reviewed the study, said she was concerned about the marketing of malt liquor."
An expert in alcohol consumption, eh? I'll bet she is. She's still at a university after all.

We needed a study for this? Good gawd. Work a shift in any 7-11 in a 'less than stellar' part of any city. You'll have all the study you need. And it won't cost the taxpayers a dime.
Not one thin dime.

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