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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ironic Ain't It

The popular consensus seems to be that we all want tighter borders to keep illegal aliens in check.
"There's too many immigrants coming across the borders taking our jobs, abusing our welfare system and overcrowding our schools."
Not to mention, the thought of a flock of towel heads sneaking across the border only to meet up at Starbucks and decide how best to kill a bunch more Americans, or packing a dirty bomb across the desert so they can set it off in some downtown metropolis. But that's a topic for another day.

Back to the 'flood' of mexicans sneaking to America looking for a better way of life.
We've become accustom to buying fresh vegetables at the grocery store at acceptable prices. What keeps those prices low enough to afford these veggies? Illegal immigrants getting cheap wages to collect these veggies and get them to market.

Now again, americans bitch all day long about how there are too many mexicans sneaking across the border taking these lettuce picking jobs away from us, so we tighten the borders. We cut down on the number of illegals but that cuts back the workforce. So now the produce growers are hurting because they have fields full of produce that needs to be harvested, but they don't have the manpower to harvest it, and they have a time limit on the harvest. If the product stays in the field too long, it will spoil and be of no use.

But wait a minute. Without these illegals in the field taking our jobs, there should be tons of job openings now for citizens, right?
Yeah, right. Americans refuse to work as hard as these illegals without making more money to do the same job. Besides, they need more money so they can pay the tax on what they make. In order to pay the workers more money, the prices will have to go up. So we will be paying a lot more at the checkout counter for these items.

So what do we do then? Let the illegals in and keep our prices low, or bite the bullet and pay more for extra border security, and more for fresh produce?

It's a quandry ain't it.?

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