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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Idiot Gunman

Dallas Gunman Kills 3 From Car Sunroof:
"A man in a Jaguar stood up through the sunroof and opened fire with an assault rifle on another vehicle early Tuesday, killing three men and critically wounding a fourth, police said."
[emphasis mine]
Assault rifle? Of course it was an assault rifle. It was used in an assault.
"Authorities were searching for the gunman, whose car was described as a white or silver Jaguar with fancy wheels, said Cpl. Max Geron, a Dallas police spokesman."
Someone driving a Jaguar with fancy wheels, shooting at whomever.
Yup. That's a fine upstanding citizen there.

But in reality, it was all the gun's fault. Since it was an "assault" rifle, it was just randomly going off by itself shooting anyone who happened to be nearby. DAMN THOSE GUNS!!!

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