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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Good Gawd

There are some really stoooooopid people in this world:
  • We, the people, are tired of having our schools invaded by psychotic youngsters.
  • We, the people, are tired of being robbed of our political leaders by some psychotic with a gun or a rifle.
  • We, the people, are tired of passing through metal detectors on our way to our courts and our governmental buildings.
  • We, the people, are tired of being victimized by gun carrying criminals.
Let me add my own statement:
"We the people are too fucking stupid to realize that it is psychotics and criminals causing these problems, not the implement they are holding in their hand."

Take note here how several times they pointed out that it was psychotics and criminals performing these actions. Now substitute the word gun in any those sentences with any weapon of your choice, and the statements would be just as strong, but it would still be people causing the problem and not the weapon.

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