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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Zero Tolerance. Horseshit.

KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon:

"Salem, Ore. - A picture of a Marine holding an assault rifle has sparked a wave of controversy at a Salem high school.

The problem began when the Marine's sister brought the picture to McKay High School to post on a classroom bulletin board.
The assignment was to show McKay graduates at work.

However, the principal of the school, Cynthia Richardson, would not allow the picture to go up because of the school's zero tolerance policy on weapons.

'What message am I sending to my students if I post that picture?' she asked.


All it takes is one look around the school to see that there may be a problem with that logic, considering that the school mascot is seen carrying a sword.

'He has a sword. (That is) so true. We might have to revisit that,' said Richardson when KATU News asked her about the mascot's imagery."
Grow the fuck up already.

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