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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Drilling ANWR

From Roto-Reuters:
Senate to Vote on Alaska Refuge Oil Drilling:
Republicans trying to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling said on Tuesday they had the votes to win U.S. Senate approval of the controversial plan.
I would really like to see this pass for several reasons. The first being our usage of foreign oil. Now I didn't say 'dependence' on purpose. We have oil. A lot of it. We choose to use foreign oil rather than our own because of deals with devils years ago.

ANWR, and other places in Alaska is loaded with oil and gas. We also have massive reserves here in the lower 48.
The obvious sources such as Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and so on. But what most people don't know is there are reserves of oil, coal and natural gas all over the western states such as Wyoming, Utah and Colorado that have been explored, drilled and capped. Yes, capped. I don't know why they were capped. But there are hundreds of wells drilled just to find resources then closed.
Read a little about Wyoming oil here. Do some reading and viewing of maps on Utah natural resources here, here, and here.
Drilling in ANWR is a long-sought Republican goal and a key part of the Bush administration's energy plan to boost domestic oil and natural gas supplies.
And it's time to bitch-slap the caribou hugging, dope smoking liberals to their senses here. After reading some articles on the area and talking to some people from Alaska, the conclusion is that the drilling site is so miniscule compared to the actual area inhabited or migrated across by the caribou, that the impact of having a roughly ten acre drilling site in a several thousand acre refuge is nonexistant.
And, Alaskans are chomping at the bit to get the drilling going. It would bring a healthy income to their economy.
"There is no way for America to drill it's way out of our energy crisis," said Democrat John Kerry of Massachusetts. Drilling in ANWR "doesn't change the price of oil for Americans."
Let me state the obvious here, what a moron. Of course there won't be any immediate drop in the price of oil. But eventually, there would be at least some competetive pricing. Since we have our own sources, we could genuinely compete with OPEC. The first word that comes to mind is - Duh. Competition drives down prices.
Alaska's congressional delegation is lobbying hard to open ANWR to oil drilling.
Again I say. Alaskans - at least the ones I have gotten an opinion from - really want this to happen. It would be a huge economical boost, and the environmental impact is virtually nonexistant.

But we still have the granola munching, seal squeezing whale huggers to contend with.
It's time for these idiots to wake up and realize that it is impossible to preserve every single blade of grass and every single field mouse in the world and still progress as a race.

But then, they would rather us be sitting in the dark, freezing.

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