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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This Will Be Something To Monitor

Erasing Debts in Bankruptcy May Get Harder:
"Erasing medical bills, credit card charges and other debts in bankruptcy soon will become more difficult under landmark legislation that has vaulted its last major hurdle before Senate passage."
Now I have no problem with someone who legitimately files for bankruptcy. For example, you or someone in your family gets hurt or sick, runs up a big hospital bill, and the dumb-ass insurance companies or HMO's we have now don't want to pay for shit. It can overwhelm you.
Or because of that injury or illness or even some other reason, you end up out of a job. People have their reasons.

But on the other hand, if you're one of the morons in the world who get as many credit cards as they can, buy as much shit as they can, remodel their house, buy a car, a boat, new clothes, then file bankruptcy to get it all written off, you should go to jail for fraud. Simple as that. The rest of the country takes up paying off your shit.

You shouldn't be able to get out of it that easy - by paying court costs and attorney fees.

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