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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I Say Bullshit!

From Roto-Reuters:
NY Jury Awards $17.1 Million in Sick Smoker Case

A New York jury on Monday ordered Philip Morris to pay $17.1 million in punitive damages to a woman who accused the company of failing to warn her about the dangers of smoking, the woman's attorney said on Monday.

The award came one week after the same jury ordered Philip Morris and American Tobacco -- now a subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc. -- to pay $3.42 million to Norma Rose in compensatory damages, said her lawyer Stuart Finz.


Rose, 72, sued Altria Group's Philip Morris and American Tobacco in 1996, charging that smoking caused her lung cancer and that the companies failed to warn her of the dangers of cigarettes.

Rose, who started smoking before warning labels went on cigarettes in the 1960s, also accused the tobacco companies of manufacturing a defective product.
GODDAMMIT!!! What the hell is up with these people? Why are the tobacco companies having to pay these idiots for their stupidity?
So what. She started smoking before the warning labels had to be put on packs of smokes. Did she quit after they started being printed? I'm guessing not.
Even when she would get up in the morning and hack up a lung from smoking, I'm guessing she still didn't quit. In fact, I'd be willing to bet she fired up a quick butt during breaks in the courtroom.

Another opportunistic bitch trying to land the big payola. I'm sure it ain't over yet.

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