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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Here's one for the all the folks who say the law shouldn't interfere with whom they marry:
First Cousins Get Married in Maryland:
"First cousins who were denied a marriage license by a Pennsylvania judge earlier this month were wed in a civil ceremony in Maryland, the couple said Monday."
What?!! The law told these first cousins they couldn't get married!!?? Hmm. Sorta like telling gays they can't get married.

So where do you draw the line then?
Anybody that wants to get married should be able to do so right? It shouldn't matter if you're queer, straight, a dog, a cat, a zebra, a brother, sister, mother, father....
Why the hell does the law stipulate who you can and cannot marry if you're in love?

Well, because some people are so fucking stupid they have to be told.

Update: Allah says it's okay to marry your first cousin as long as you weren't breastfed by your grandmother.
"If any body parts came out, then it will intercede for the mother on the day of Qiyaamat. (Shaami vol.2 pg.228)

The child who is breastfed by his maternal grandmother cannot marry his/her maternal first cousins. However, his biological brothers and sisters may be able to marry them. (Hidaaya; Hindiyyah)

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best"
I'm so confused....

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