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Friday, July 07, 2006

Brain Dead Whiney-Assed Moron

I started to read this article and was fixin' to get a scathing reply sent to this fucking prick. But then I realized, he's from San Francisco. Anything coming out of that sewer should be handled with rubber gloves. You just can't let it touch you.
So on that note, I'll say "Crawl back in your delusional hole and go fuck yourself."

It's not that I think Bush is the best president ever. I don't think he walks on water. But even if he is the worst president we've ever had, which - if that's what you believe then you need to wake the fuck up and think back to his predesessor - what was our choice at the time? John Kerry.
Do any of you Bush haters out there really think that fuckwad would have done a better job? If so, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. I still to this day, can't believe anyone voted for that lying, two-faced sack of shit.

Anyway, read on if you're sure your breakfast has settled sufficiently to where it won't come back up again:
George W. Bush Is Dead To Me
Nation cringes as the worst president ever continues long, painful slog to the end:

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist

Friday, July 7, 2006

It is like some sort of virus. It is like some sort of weird and painful rash on your face that makes you embarrassed to walk out the door and so you sit there day after day, waiting for it to go away, slathering on ointment and Bactine and scotch. And yet still it lingers.

Some days the pain is so searing and hot you want to cut off your own head with a nail file. Other days it is numb and pain-free and seemingly OK, to the point where you think it might finally be all gone and you allow yourself a hint of a whisper of a positive feeling, right up until you look in the mirror, and scream.

George W. Bush is just like that.
Oh yes, there's more. Much more. Take this for instance:
Indeed, countless Dems were disappointed with Clinton's behavior during Monicagate. Many were ashamed that he would cheapen the office so badly by such trashy moral behavior.

But that was just a cheap little affair (our allies never understood all the fuss anyway). This was never the attitude toward Clinton's politics, his capacity to understand complex issues, his astounding political savvy. No one anywhere doubted he made the country richer, more environmentally conscious, more stable, more respected and admired. Clinton was globally adored not only for his charisma but for his contributions to world peace. Plus he could actually point to Afghanistan on a map.
Uh huh. He is someone whose opinion I'll respect.
Whatever the fuck he's smoking, I want some. The weekend is almost here, and I'm in the mood for some fantasy.


Just D said...

Fantasy can be good. If you get your hands on some of that stuff let me know, I'll come for a visit. ;-)

curmudgeon said...

Sounds like a plan!