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Friday, July 14, 2006

It's All About Me

In the interest, and at the risk - of exposing a bit of my past, here are 10 things about me you probably never knew:
  1. Gone skydiving
  2. Rode a bull
  3. Spent the night in jail
  4. Totalled a car
  5. Shot up heroin
  6. Buttfucked
  7. Been buttfucked
  8. Flew a hang glider
  9. Frontal lobotomy
  10. Ate a peanut butter - banana sandwich
Also, here is a list of things I plan on never doing:
  • See above list
Okay, carry on.


Patty said...

Rofl You got me......... Damn I was believing you for a bit there

Jean said...

boy, I got suckered in big time!

curmudgeon said...