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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This Day in History - "New Coke"

Remeber this shit?
From HistoryChannel.com:

1985 'New Coke' is introduced

Nineteen-eighty-five was a trying year for America's soda. With hopes of eking out a lead in the hotly contested 'Cola Wars,' soft drink giant Coca-Cola decided to muck about with the recipe for its namesake drink. As ill-conceived as the notion may sound to our ears now, Coke thought it had a winner at the time. Indeed, an expensive battery of market testing seemed to bode well for the new formula. As one of the officials for Coke's advertising agency noted, 'research clearly said we had a winner.' However, despite lavishing hefty sums on an advertising blitz, the new product--aptly dubbed 'New Coke'--was a resounding flop.
It didn't last long.


dan murray said...

yea, i was going to georgia state univ. in dowtown atlanta the day this kicked off in 1985--there was to be a big party downtown that day but the largest thunderstorm i ever saw stopped the party cold-ominious sign indeed--new coke as well as old coke is junk anyway-dan

curmudgeon said...

That should have said something.
I prefer Pepsi myself.