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Friday, July 28, 2006

What A Stud

Senator's father charged with lewd act :

Reuters - Thu Jul 27, 1:31 PM ET Avg. Rating: 5.0

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The 81-year-old father of Sen. Norm Coleman, has been cited for lewd and disorderly conduct after he was found engaged in a sex act with a 38-year-old woman while parked outside a Minnesota pizza parlor, police said on Thursday.
Hey, the old bastard deserves to 'get off' on merit alone. He's out there banging a 38 year old and he's 81?
Here's a pat on the back from me you old coot!


Patty said...

Wow. (I'm nearly speechless on this one)

Just D said...

Bet ya he's bragging to all his friends about being arrested and for what.


curmudgeon said...

I can see it now:

"So what're you in for?"
"Murder, rape, ... And you?"
"I got caught screwin' a woman less than half my age. In a car."