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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Rapper Shot, Stable :

NEW YORK - Rapper Fabolous was shot early Tuesday as he stood at a Manhattan parking garage, spurring a sequence of events that left him both hospitalized in stable condition and under arrest, police said.
Damn. We almost got rid of another rapper there.
Oh well. Better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

so are we to assume you are a bigoted racist, or just don't like young black men?

Biff Humble said...

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Biff Humble said...

Oh, and I would hardly think that hating rappers would make one a bigoted racist, as redundant as that is.

Anonymous said...

hating rappers and wanting them dead may not make someone a racist, but it sure lends itself to the thought. when a black dude is ragging against country music and wanting to see dead Brad Paisely, or whomever, my first thought is why does this guy hate white people?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Ohhh, this is the kind of thing one say without mean it, or rather mean...I don't like rapping. Are we allowed to like something else?
I don't like rapping neither.
(cantankerous people, curmudgeon)

curmudgeon said...

First of all, you're a fucktard. You come here like a stray dog to shit on my yard and leave.
I am not a bigoted racist,and I don't hate young black men. Lest you forget, Kid Rock is white, as is Eminem. They suck too.

What I do hate though is chicken shit commentors who don't read enough of the blog to see what I am really like before jumping to conclusions. So fuck off.
Seems you're the bigot or the racist jumping to conclusions. If some rapper was ragging about some country dude, my first though is that he wasn't liking the music or the image. Not that the dude was white.

Anyway, I fucking hate rap. And anyone who has any music background would know what sort of talentless shit rap is. It is akin to teevee wrestling where some phony fuck tries to act like someone they ain't, some sort of bad boy, to make a buck belittling and bitching about everyone around them.

I was wondering what the hell happened to your blog. I'll have to re-add it to the roll. :)

Exactly. I'm not seriously hoping hoping for anyone to get killed. (Well, with the exception of a few people who really deserve it.)
But the anonymous commentor doesn't have the grasp of reality that most people do, so that's the impression this person got from my post.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me?

curmudgeon said...


Nice avatar.

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, I fucking hate rap. And anyone who has any music background would know what sort of talentless shit rap is."

It requires no talent? So get your ass on the mic, mix a break, and spit your game! You don't have to like anything, but wishing someone to die because you don't like the music is petty shit. You may not be a bigot or a racist. But you are definetly a moron.

curmudgeon said...

Oh look! Another turd!

But like I said, you evidently don't read too thoroughly. I.e.: "... I'm not seriously hoping for anyone to get killed. (Well, with the exception of a few people who really deserve it.)"

That is correct. It requires no talent.
Mix a break? Spit my game?
Why the fuck would I want to waste my time spitting my break, mixing my game or sitting on my mic or whateverthefuck you want to call it? There are plenty of talentless morons out there doing that sort of bullshit already. No need to piss on the campfire.

If I'm going to get creative, it will be actual music. Not some pissed-off ghetto wanna-be, talking monotonous shit in a mic, flipping a record back and forth, with nothing but an oversized woofer thumping in the background.
So some moron rapper can throw together a hokey rhyme about some bitch, some nigga, some cop. Can that rapper actually play an instrument? Talking in a fucking mic or flipping a fucking record back and forth aren't playing instruments. How many can read music, let alone write it? And let's not even get into "sampling". Stealing someone else's composition, now THAT's talent.

Anonymous said...

I only "spit my game" when I''ve exhausted all other forms of lubrication.

curmudgeon said...

I'm thinking anonymous ran out of lube a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

You don't just have the breadth of knowledge to comment on hip-hop as a genre. There is more to rap music than what you see on MTV. Seriously amigo, you are grossly misinformed about the music form that is hip=hop. You may not respect it, appreciate it, or whatever, but don't sit there and say it requires no talent. Couldn't the same be said for country music, and the mindless diatribes they display? And what about Johnny Cash? He was a rapper, do you hate him? He spit his game, brotha...

NIce to see ya'll resorting to homo smack. Ya'll give my Republican Party a bad name.

curmudgeon said...

Grossly misinformed? My information comes first-hand.
What experience I have with rap-hop is what I hear in public. Like the shit thumping in the neighbor's house, the moron's car, the clubs, the company parties,...
Yes, I hear a lot of it. And it is nothing more than obnoxious shit. As is country.

Yeah, Johnny Cash was a rapper. Bob Dylan was too. As was Blondie, and for that matter, so were the Ink Spots and even Albert King.
What?!?! Look at all those artists I named! Maybe my breadth of musical knowledge expands beyond what is on em tee vee. Which, I can't stand to watch because it is the epitome of lame.

But, if you want to listen to that shit, have at it. But there's no way I'll ever be convinced it takes talent.

Anonymous said...


Not trying to convince anyone of anything. Just voicing my side of things...There is plenty of stuff out there that could change your mind, but no matter, I'm not sweating the small stuff.

One question.

How could you deny that "Outkast" is devoid of talent? They may be the most influential musicians of their generation. They play instruments, they sample, they synthisize, they do it all....

curmudgeon said...

To sum up my thoughts, rap is shit.
I don't like it. And I never will.
Just as opera has been around for centuries, rap may (gag) stand the test of time. Like opera though, it will still suck.

However, I won't take anything away from someone who actually plays a musical instrument - even if they use it for rap. If they can play, then good for them.

Miss Sassy said...

C, you should TEACH DEBATE.
This fucktard came over trying to say you hate black people and you had him apologizing for critcizing you're musical knowledge.
Go rent "thank you for smoking", I think you'll enjoy it.

curmudgeon said...


Anonymous said...

i still think C has a bit of bigot in him. young black men making money off of music that he hates, so he wishes a rapper shot dead? sounds bigoted to me....

Anonymous said...

hey miss sassy,

if i'm a fucktard for liking hip-hop, does that mean you're a whore for taking it in the ass?

enlighten me cunt.

curmudgeon said...

At first, I was letting it slide. But now I realize, you are definitely a fucking idiot.
You're the only one who brought up race/color. I merely implied I was glad to almost be rid of a rapper. A FUCKING RAPPER!!! I don't care what color he was, HE WAS A FUCKING RAPPER.
I don't see how I could possibly make it any clearer to you, unless YOU took it in the ass as I pounded it up there. Since that's obviously where your gawddamn head is.

Anonymous said...

I've been told I'm a fucking idiot. I'm also a republican and a white male.

Usually I get called a fucking idiot for the *other* parts of my life, not because of my love of hip-hop...

This is new. Thanks for spreading the love....

Miss Sassy said...

Thanks for the heads up C...

I can not believe how long this has gone on, and how stupid this republican white male is. You aren't a fucktard for liking hip hop you defensive prick, you are a fucktard for thinking C's comment section is a place to spout your assumed over the top generalized harshly negative connotations of him.

Look, take it personal that you like hip hop and C doesn't, but You came to His blog and started telling Him how to be in His Space. If you are a regular reader, you get his vibe, you laugh at how he thinks, and know that he wouldn't wish ANYONE dead in REAL LIFE EVER. That you choose to spend your time in someone's sandbox telling them how their persona rubs you wrong, GET YOUR OWN SANDBOX and tell us what you think about the world on YOUR TURF.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by my sandbox. Glad your debate style is personal attack... its a falacious way to opperate, and those of us who don't need to distract the arguement by tossing a shot into left field won't fall for it.

Glad you are getting back to how you are so enlightened for being a white man who likes hip hop. We should be so proud of you for not being a country lover or hard rock efficianado, is that it? Like you broke the stereotype and you get the authority to come into C's blog and tell him that he can't make quib commments about how maybe the music that talks often of gunplay (not all of it, I know, put down you're soapbox, but ENOUGH OF IT)gets one of its spokespersons hit with a bullet.
I just want to clear up where you are coming from, because you haven't really made your stance clear with all the backpeddling and dodging topics.

Why don't I give you my chalk so you can draw out your next game of JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS.
Next you'll say anyone who is against President Bush hates all white men with government jobs.

You still log in as Anonymous for a reason, Cumwad? For all your shit talkin, you sure are afraid to give us even a made up Blogger identity to attribute any credibility to.