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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Careful Here

FBI raids Calif. firms in spinach probe:

By PAUL ELIAS, Associated Press Writer Thu Oct 5, 5:52 AM ET

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, Calif. - The ongoing probe into the source of a nationwide E. coli outbreak linked to tainted spinach turned into a criminal investigation as federal agents raided two Salinas Valley produce companies.
E. coli is a bacteria which can be found basically anywhere. But definitely as a result of uncleanliness.
See, what's going on here is we've gone and pissed off the illegal immigrants picking the spinach. They're taking up the spinach, using it to wipe their ass, then bagging it up and shipping it off for use to eat.



Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a joke:

Q: Why did the immigrant worker shit in the field?

A: So you'd die from E. Coli.

boneman said...

wait a minute.
We give great hell to east germany and russia for their wall and you think we should build one here?

something ain't registering....

oh. What makes you think a wall will stop anybody?
How about this.
Who cares if they come in the country or not.
Give us poor US citizens jobs!

curmudgeon said...

The difference being that we're not building the wall say, on the Mason-Dixon line. We're trying to keep freeloaders and possibly dangerous people out of our country.

And who cares? I care!
A lot of people care. At least those who realize what the real issues are.

For instance, Jose comes here to work, gets his paycheck under the table, then sends a bunch - if not all - of it back to Mexico. Mexico benefits from his wages, but Jose has paid no taxes and made nothing more than necessary purchases here. In the meantime, his illegal kids to go to school on the tax money I have paid even though I have no kids going to school, his pregnant wife gets to go to the hospital on the tax money I have paid for indegent care, and more than likely - since he has no legit income - he is getting welfare food from the state.
It's a great big steaming crockpot full of horse shit.