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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quote Of The Day


H.I.S. will probably think I'm an asshole and want to ban me from her blog hitherto, but well,... oh well.
I like reading her posts and get a chuckle out of some of the comments, but just like any other blog, she has commenters in there who just...good gawd.

To wit:
Comment: "UGH, hummers. I despise SUVs with every ounce of will in my body. They destroy the environment and kill other drivers, and now, because they're eating up all our oil, we have to send teenagers to die in Iraq fighting a farcical 'war' that has never been about anything but oil. Bleah."
Yeah, them things musta' lit from outer space or sumpin' huh? They's just gobblin' up that there earl we'sa been over yonder killin' them ferriners fer, fer oh, fer a spell now.

They's justa takin' over them folks and...and...and they jes caint control theyselves anymo'. Them things they jes force them yuppies to go out and buy them, then they jus' up and hog up them parking places and guzzle up on that there earl.

Damn that damn Bush and damn his damn 'Hummers', dammit!
No, wait. That was Clinton, wasn't it? Shit. I can't remember any more. Must be the alzheimer's.

Strike lighter
Inhale deeply
Cough once, maybe twice.

Take another bite of Granola. Duuuuuuuude.
Then take a gander at these pictures:

U.S.S. Cole Bombing

A woman's assassination in Afghanistan

Bombing of a train in Madrid

Bombing of a bus in London

Results of Sadam's use of mustard gas

An AMERICAN CIVILIAN outside the Word Trade Center 9/11/2001.

Now tell me it's all about the fucking oil.

Hat tip varifrank.


Anonymous said...

If it were all about oil we'd invade Canada (which is a damned fine idea if you ask me).

curmudgeon said...

Or mabe Alaska.

Anonymous said...


curmudgeon said...

Now you're talkin'!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I don't like Bush but have never thought it was all about oil.
(I didn't like Kerry either.)

I think SUV's are too big for small cities, and that most people buy them to make a fashion statement, not because they ever go off-road.

You're not banned from my blog, Cur. I actually came over here to get your URL so I could link with you.

curmudgeon said...

Okay, we're still 'friends' then. :)

I agree with you on the fashion statement thing. Just like Benz and roaches - er, Jaguars. Not to mention Bentley's.
Hummers are penis extensions for both women and men alike. It's not like those people ever take them into the sort of hostile environment they were designed for. They're a showpiece.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Exactly. I've always thought that those who buy big SUV's and pickup trucks to go to work and the supermarket must have very small penises. Or need to prove they're not inadequate if they're of the penisless persuasion.

It's stupid, dangerous and expensive. As a civilization (and I use the word loosely,) we need to grow up. I hope it's not already too late.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Hummers = Blowjobs yes?
I'm confused - how does a blowjob eff up the environment? Imean unless the boy blows his wad all over my 400 thread count sheets rather than my mouth? Then MY environment is really messed up,,

*hair flip, lip smack*

Scottsdale Girl said...

Oh and in all seriousness.. heartinsf said it perfectly...

because I would have said...

I call BULLSHIT and left it at that, thanks heartinsf for your eloquence.

curmudgeon said...

Oh, I dunno s.g. You stated it pretty good there. :)