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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So He's In Jail, Finds A Grenade And Shoves It Up His Ass

How the grenade got into the jail in the first place is a whole 'nuther critter, but then
Prisoner caught with grenade where?

Reuters - Fri Mar 2, 9:25 AM ET

SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) - An inmate at an El Salvador jail was caught with a hand grenade stuffed up his backside -- a novel attempt to disguise his apparent escape plans.
Well, after all that prison sex, his asshole can probably handle it. But still. Ick.
In the meantime though, when the time comes, he better be damn careful he pulls the whole thing out and not just the pin.



Kirsten N. Namskau said...

What is the name of this kind of madness???

Miss Understanding said...

Yikes, talk about explosive bowel syndrome...

curmudgeon said...

hmmm...Madness I guess.

I think I would stay in jail.

Lee said...

I think his punishment should be detonation.

without removal.

tl said...

That would have to be the shittiest attempt at smuggling I have heard of.lol.


curmudgeon said...

Works for me.