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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Study debunks full-moon injury beliefs

AP - Tue Jul 31, 6:21 PM ET Sent 232 times

VIENNA, Austria - Ever whacked your thumb with a hammer, or wrenched your back after lifting a heavy box, and blamed the full moon? It's a popular notion, but there's no cosmic connection, Austrian government researchers said Tuesday.
Again I say, "No Shit!"

And again I say, quit wasting money on useless shit and do something useful with it you dumb-ass losers.




Anonymous said...

I don't know. My brother was a police officer in Northern California for a good many years, and he still swears the full moon brings out the loonie toons in force.

curmudgeon said...

Well, it could be, but idiots abound around my neck of the woods, full moon or not.

tl said...

I've never tried 'moon', but when I get full of beer I can usually do some damage to myself. lol.


curmudgeon said...

You too, eh?
Damn. It must be going around.