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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Now There's A Thought

From the "Blatently Obvious" files:
Nine in 10 Americans say ban texting while driving

Reuters - Tue Aug 7, 10:36 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Ninety-one percent of Americans believe sending text messages while driving is as dangerous as driving after having a couple of drinks, but 57 percent admit to doing it, a poll released Tuesday said.
Gee. Maybe it would be wise to not read the newspaper or a novel while you're driving either.

Fuck sakes. Most people can't even drive decent while they're talking on a phone while looking straight ahead. What the hell makes them think they can drive while looking at the display sending messages?


1 comment:

The British Bird. said...

I cant even send a text message standing still and using both hands! how the hell can you even try to do it when moving? and people wonder why they have accidents! I think we should be able to fit RPG's to the front of vehicles and let morons have one up the back end if you see that going on.
At the very least, if any of you out there in blogger land are guilty of this transgression, you deserve to be slapped around a bit.

I have a boring old Malibu. Shes had a few miles put on it, one thing that made me wonder about who desgined this was, there is a vanity mirror on the DRIVERS side, but NOT one on the passenger side..
Now, I dont use it while im moving, but who decided it was ok to put one there?
doesnt make any sense to me.
Those make up artists out there, you know who you are...