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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coal Miners

I want you all to keep a close watch on this story:
Rescuers work to find trapped Utah coal miners

By James Nelson Tue Aug 7, 6:30 AM ET

HUNTINGTON, Utah (Reuters) - Rescue crews worked through the predawn darkness on Tuesday on ways to find six miners trapped 1,500 feet underground after a coal mine collapsed in central Utah.
If you didn't already know, I used to be a coal miner. In this area. I know these people. And I've dug people out from under cave-ins before. It's a scary business.

I can't say I know who the miners are as I haven't heard their names yet. But there is a good possibility I know them or their families. I do know the sheriff. He's 'talked' to me a time or two in the past.

Anyway, best wishes to them and their families, and here's hoping for a a speedy rescue.



The British Bird. said...

Thats rotten! Poor buggers!

Coal mines remind me of the time in England when the miners used to strike. Maggie Thatcher, the PM was a dirty word back then for a lot of people, but she did do some good. I beleive most of the pits closed down, even if they were profitable. Big fights between the NUM, National Union of Mineworkers and Thatcher. I often wonder, if she was in power now, how she would handle the current strife in the UK?

Freddie said...

Praying for these men and their families.

curmudgeon said...

There are times when a strike is definitely called for. Other times, not so much.
But it is a rough job and a miner deserves a decent wage for doing a job a lot of people wouldn't do.

They need it. I talked to my sister who lives in that area last night. They are on pins and needles there.
The feds won't let them release names, so she wasn't sure who it was that was in there.

Even if they're relatively safe, moral has to suck, they're probably quite scared and hungry, and are ready for a bath.

SK said...

Waiting has to just suck for their families.

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure the not knowing is the worst part.