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Friday, August 10, 2007

More Big Brother

I figgered this was only a matter of time:
Overweight? Prepare to Pay Up

Should Employers Be Able to Charge You for Being Overweight?

With health-care costs rising, some large employers are taking radical new steps to cut corners: They're charging overweight employees a fee if they don't slim down.
I warned about it here, and sure as shit, it's coming to pass.

Nannies say they want to "take care of us". But if you believe they are doing it for YOUR own good, you're an idiot. Their agenda and their pocketbooks are the only things they are concerned with.



Anonymous said...

The worst part is that this is a chance for the insurance companies to switch from their pre-existing methods of determining obesity to a simple BMI method.

My simple BMI:
"Your Body Mass Index is 25.0.
You are classified as being Overweight."

Figure in frame size (medium) and suddenly:
"Ideal weight range is 178 - 195.8 lbs. Congratulations! Your weight is ideal!"

Soon we'll be buying cheeseburger offsets.

curmudgeon said...

I wouldn't doubt it.

It knew it wouldn't be long before people got dropped or had their rates raised for being fat too.

Next up, salt consumers...

Anonymous said...

Well, look at the bright side of things. Soon the government will pass a law against dieing, so as to increase the tax base. Then we will all live forever!

curmudgeon said...

That's the only way to perpetuate tax collecting!