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Monday, August 06, 2007


And any other media source involved in reporting 'sports'.

The gawdd-amn headlines are all full of shit like "steroids", "shooting", "drugs", "arrest", "pitbulls"...

Of course, we all know of Michael Vic's dumb-assery, then there's 'Pac-man' Jones and his involvement in a shooting, Steroids at the Tour de France, and so on.
It seems that every time some high priced, overpaid athlete makes it in the big time, they turn stupid. I mean, how can you make that much money and not just enjoy it? How can one do such stupid shit like these big names do? Beyond me.

But when one does something noteworthy, they of course are accused of cheating. Tested for drugs, blah-blah-blah. Bunch of fucked up sore losers I think.

First, look at Lance Armstrong. He kicked ass, and the sorry-ass french accused him of doping. Barry Bonds is fixing to break Hank Aaron's record and people are getting all pissy.
Look, he was never convicted of steroid use. Let him make his record and let's move the hell on. Records are made to be broken. Someday, someone is going to com along and break his record too.

Anyway, fuck sportscasters. I don't watch them anyway.



Cory said...

please be a member of the fellowship at thefellowshipoflife.blogspot.com

curmudgeon said...


SK said...


The British Bird. said...

sports, smorts. I think sports persons are chronically over paid, if we didnt over pay them they could not afford the nose candy, etc.

What the hecks the fellowship of life thing? Sounds like an evangalistic organization to me.

I have two what?

Had to retrieve several gentle readers including you from my spam inbox. MSN is a little over zealous.

Word of the day:


This was my response when being informed I had to come back for a second interview to work at Barnes and Nobles, part time....not exactly asking to work for the CIA, am I? Jesus christ on a crutch!

Watch out for Scammers..I called in response to an add in the local paper, saying the Post Office were hiring. Great! I will lug mail, no worries! They wanted 126.00 from me to send me a work sheet and info for the test. (There IS a test to work for the PO, but they dont charge for it!) I told the woman, you must be on crack if you think im sending you any money "click".
I called the Federal Trades Commission, who said, yes its a scam, well why isnt anyone prosecuting!?

curmudgeon said...

Damn! Is nothing sacred any more? Can't even try to get a job without watching every move?
Speaking of which, fucking scammers need to get a job. And a life.

Glad you got the email thing found out early though. Those are a pain in the ass. I'm sure msn is just jealous of Google. That's why they block blogspot.

I don't know what the hell that fellowship thing is a bout. Don't really care either. Just another scammer/spammer. Besides, like Groucho Marx said "I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member."

"I have two what?"
Take another look at your links:

They don't work. That post and the previous one.

The British Bird. said...

Thanks let me look at the links.
curmudgeon 101, in training.
ps what does one have to do to get an A around here!

curmudgeon said...

Keep it up. You may well be on your way!

GUYK said...

I only watch the Professional Bull Riders Assn shows and fishing shows and I root for the bull and the fish..and I know the damn bulls are on steroids. But the fish just have that adrenalin rush

curmudgeon said...

BWAH! Sorta hard to dope them fish up, no?