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Friday, August 10, 2007

I Think, Therefore I ... Uh, I Can't Remember

Evidently I think, This Princess thinks I think. I think not. I don't think I think that much. But come to think of it, maybe I think more than some thinkers think. Ya think?

Well anyway S.G., thanks for thinking I'm a thinker. I think.

BWAH!!! Enough of that shit!

The rules is, you gots to think [there it is again] of 5 other bloggers you think [bwah!!!] are 'Thinking Bloggers'. [Getting sick of it yet?]
Well, trouble is, I'm sorta preoccupied today. I'll be gone on vacation for a week and what with last minute touch-ups, I just don't have time left in the day for any decent blog perusal, tagging or posts.

So I'll try and give it a go when I get back.

In the meantime, I may take the notebook along and maybe do a little posting on the road. If not I'll see you kind folks in a week or so, 'cause

I'm On Vacation!!!



Rick said...

wOOt! I haven't seen the BLINK tag in a gazillion years! Thanks for the laugh (I followed Scottsdale's links to get here. The Princess apparently wants me to WORK for an award.)

curmudgeon said...

You too, eh? Well, good luck!

And by the way, welcome! Glad you got a chuckle or two. ;)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Well have a GREAT VACATION.Take some photos for us!

curmudgeon said...

Thanx! I will.
And I already have taken too many. It will be a chore to sift through them all.