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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

All You Need To Know

I 'borrowed' this picture from The Hermit:

Too bad some have already forgotten that lesson.



The British Bird. said...

visit Military.com, shock and awe videos it will restore your faith in payback..

Lucy said...

Interesting post. You should consider getting on stage and doing a rant! I'm sure audiences would love you! Trust me. I'm a standup comedienne. I've seen a lot of bad acts and this would be comedy gold--even if you're serious, it would work.

Nice coming across your blog!

Anonymous said...

What was it people used to say in the sixties when they approved of a speakers message? Oh, yeah: "Tell it like it is, brother!"

curmudgeon said...

I will. I love to watch the retaliation videos from over there.

Welcome! And thanks.
It sounds more like your forte though. Perhaps a good rant by you is in order?

Exactly. And this definitely does.