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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The "Jesus" Card

I wasn't going to comment on the fucked up Michael Vick scenario any more, because frankly, I'm sick of it. It's a truckload of bullshit.
I'm not talking about the dog fighting itself, that goes without saying. I'm talking about all the attention it's getting. Past the PETA's of the world, past the Humane Society and ASPCA. Media whores are latching on to it like - well, like pitbulls.

I tried to watch the Monday Night Football game last night and what did I see? Rookies trying to earn a place on the team? No, guess again.
Did I see a spectacular offense or defense and a well played chess match between two great teams? Nope. Not that either.

What I saw were numerous spotlights on black people in #7 jerseys. No other ethnicity, just black.
Then there were the interviews with whoever they could dig up to comment on "what a great loss this is to the Falcons team", how "Vick would have handled the scenario on the field differently" and other useless bullshit totally unrelated to the game. Nothing from the other side of the argument. How what the asshole was mean, cruel, inhumane, and oh - by the way, it is illegal.
No, the sportscasters weren't talking about how grabbing a dog by the legs and slamming it on the ground to bash it's fucking skull or break its back is wrong, they weren't cordially discaussing how hanging a dog from a tree kicking and writhing until it has suffocated is wrong, nor were they jawing about how putting a gun to a dogs head and blowing its gawddamn brains all over the grass and weeds is wrong.
No, all they had to comment on was how the team would perform missing yet another high paid, fucked-up asshole criminal.

I know, it wasn't a regular season game as far as the stats go, but to the newbies on the field trying to do their best and succeed in the NFL, this was the most important game of their career. The asshole sportscasters could have respected that at least.

So try as they might, the media played the "race" card and it didn't help anyone but the sports stores selling jerseys. So what else do we have up our sleeves? Why, the the "Jesus" card of course. Yup, that's right. he's found Jeebus, is sorry, and should be forgiven.

Yeah, that fucker is sorry alright. Sorry he got caught.



The British Bird. said...

Sadly, Vick is not the only one out there doing it, like you said, he is sorry he got caught. Personally I would like to tie him up and let a couple of his pits gnaw on his gonads for a while.

I had to go into work early, rather I volunteered to go in early, and will write more tomorrow. :-)

The Stormin Mormon said...

Dude, I was so obscenely mad about that game that the girlfriend made me turn the TV off, because I would not stop swearing about him being a criminal...

curmudgeon said...

Of course he's not the only one. Maybe he'll finger some others and lighten his sentence though.

But with any luck, Bigg Bubba in jail will gnaw on his nards for a while though.

Yeah, that "game" was a joke.