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Thursday, August 30, 2007

News You Can Use

Foot-tapping ritual common in sex sting

By STEVE KARNOWSKI, Associated Press Writer Wed Aug 29, 10:33 PM ET

MINNEAPOLIS - A foot-tapping ritual was a common thread in many of the 41 arrests reported during a four-month airport bathroom sting that snared Sen. Larry Craig.

An undercover officer would take a seat in a stall. Soon another man would sit in the stall next door and start tapping his foot, perhaps moving it closer to the officer's. The officer would move his foot up and down slowly. The suspect might then extend his hand under the divider between the stalls, sometimes repeatedly.
Okay, I wouldn't be caught dead 'extending my hand' under the adjacent stall, but I may on occasion tap my foot whilst taking care of business. That shit ends right here and now. I won't be taking any chances of giving off the wrong sort of signal.



SK said...

BWAAAHAAAHAAA!! Normal men everywhere will be sure to cease all tapping.

curmudgeon said...

'Normal'. Exactly. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just read the police transcript.

Sit down and be set up.

curmudgeon said...

It's getting so you can't even take a shit without big brother around.