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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm Famous

Freddie asks:
"Have you been told you look like someone? Do tell."
Well, first of all, I ain't got shit to say today. Not only is the muse not there, but if there were anything to write, it would be laced with insanity and profanity. This morning was fucked, this day is fucked, my attitude is fucked, people are fucked, stupid people are even more fucking fucked...

See? What did I tell you!!! Okay, that's it. I'll go back to what I was doing. Which was answering Freddie's question.
Yes, I've been not only told I looked like some famous people, but also told I was lying when I refuted it.


The first time I was told I looked like someone famous was on a fishing trip in central Nevada. My brother, a friend of ours and I were staying at a hotel and the desk clerk thought I was Steven Spielberg. Not that I just looked like him, but that I was him.
I guess I'm stupid, scrupulous, ... something. I don't know what, but I didn't work on a discount, upgrade, free breakfast or anything. Just explained I wasn't who he thought I was, and let it go.

That was the first time. I've been told a few other times I looked like Spielberg.

Another time, I was riding in an elevator at a hotel in Las Vegas. Mrs. Curmudgeon and I were attending her Christmas excuse me, "Holiday Party" (fucking p.c. assholes) which was at this hotel. We had a room for the night, as neither of us planned on driving afterward, and I needed to go back to the room for something unimportant to the story.
So there I was in the elevator, and there were two women in with me who were behaving most oddly. Sort of whispering to each other, looking, giggling, and so on. Of course, being all decked out in holiday attire the Mrs had picked out for me and also a bit tipsy, I was being quite self-conscious. With all the glancing and giggling directed toward me I naturally assumed my tie was on backwards, I had half a roll of toilet paper hanging off my shoe, my underwear was outside my pants or some damn thing.
Finally, they found the courage to ask me "Aren't you Phil Jackson? The Lakers coach?"
I chuckled and told them "I wish. I could use the money."
They wouldn't believe me for a while, after the elevator let us out and we were walking down the hallway. I had to go back and forth with them a couple times before they finally relented. I don't really think they ever did believe I wasn't Phil.

So. Any of you kind folks resemble anyone I know?



Freddie said...

Spielberg eh? You should've told him: "Damn straight!" And then demanded a whole buncha cool stuff.

(And this made me laugh: "This morning was fucked, this day is fucked, my attitude is fucked, people are fucked, stupid people are even more fucking fucked..." Sometimes you really remind me of my husband.)

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, I know. Hindsight is always 20-20.

Your hubby sounds like a swell guy too. ;)

Jean said...

I can see the Speilberg resemblance in the photos you've posted... now that you mentioned it.

p.s. I hope fucking tomorrow is fucking better for you than fucking today was! :)

The British Bird. said...

fucking luv a duck, mate! Your fucking up shit creek if you think only you had a fucked up day.

Hope tomorrows better...

You do resemble spielberg. The mental meanderings blog guy also Dave resembles Sir Sean Connery.

Im just...Trouble ;-) thats who I resemble.
Take care, Mate ttl.

curmudgeon said...

BWAH!!!! Fuckin' "A"

You too, eh? BWAH!
I'm sure I'm not alone...

Trouble? Naw. Say it isn't so! :)