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Friday, May 06, 2005

Celebrity News

Of which I don't give a fuck about, but feel compelled to write about anyway, just because it's just so - well so 'Who gives a fuck about it' - esque.

Apparantly, the lame-assed Farrah Fawcett made a lame-assed remark on her lame-assed show about lame-assed Anna Nicole Smith:
Anna Nicole Considers Reality Show with Farrah

Anna Nicole Smith is considering a TV show concept with Farrah Fawcett after the two blonde reality stars kissed and made up after a war of words in the press.

The former Charlie's Angels actress called Anna Nicole a "train wreck" in her new TV series Chasing Farrah, leading Smith to blast her one-time heroine in her National Enquirer gossip column.

So this reality show. Whaddya s'pose it'll be about then? Maybe who gets voted the ugliest loser on the planet?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"I'm Annnicole dammittthhh...Iwanna other mart-martinini NOW dammittthhhh!!!. Thebitch F-F-Farrahbeen chasin' - chasednnnnn - they been chasin'Farrah annnow theycaught hernnnn. I wanna chase thebitchnnnnn...trainwreck? Trainwreck? I'll show ya't-t-train wreck bitchnnnn. Bitch been train wreckednnnnnn...she gotna train wrecknnn HAH!nnnnnn. Where's mygotnnnnn My goddammmartininnnn..."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Shuddup skank. I was an Angel. You know, 'an Angel'. Reality show with you? Hah! I'll be pretty again before I do a reality show with you. Bitch."

"Gimme that goddamm bottle of Oil of Olay! And that mirror. No, I don't want to look in it. Lay it flat. I got something I need to do."


shoes said...

god help me but....i would do them both. just to say i did. actually anna has got herself back in shape a little. that reality show would be a train wreck. i dig your blog. it made my faves list. i'll be back to read more

curmudgeon said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for adding me to your list!
I hope you enjoy yourself while here.
Look for me to visit and comment on yours.

I don't think I could bear to watch that reality show, but you never know. I may make for some good posts.

Anonymous said...

wow, can you be more cliche, or fucking annoying. You're gay, we get it. Move on...

curmudgeon said...

Oh! Looky there! Internet troll is trolling!
A drive-by moron commenting on a post from 7 years ago. Anonymously even. Some balls you have there fuckwad.
Here. Let's play catch: