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Friday, May 06, 2005

Idiot + Keyboard = Comments

So I get this comment:
I like this pic.
About you and your blog: you are probably an intelligent guy but you hide it well behind that stereotype GOP vulgarity, racism, sexism, hate and general ignorance. For instance, what do you know about how the Iraqis feel? And do you really give a fuck? Of course not. Inform yourself. It's people like you that remind me why I'm not living in USA even though my wife's from SC.
Mike Moore says hi.

I guess I've been told, huh?
Well, not really. This FuckWad evidently doesn't have a clue.

First of all, this person (hereto referred to as FW) obviously hasn't read all that much of the blog or they would know that I'm not stereotypical GOP, racist, sexist, hateful or generally ignorant.

Sterotype GOP? My aching ass. I vote for whoever I think is best for the job and has the same views as I have. I'm non-partisan and will remain that way until well, there aren't any parties anymore, but only individuals who cater to the population, not parties. Inother words, when FW gets a brain hell freezes over.

Yes, I'm vulgar at times. I cuss when I talk. I cuss when I write. I write how I would talk. Don't like it? Get the fuck out of here. Write your own G-rated fluff.
Talk about your dog or cat. How loving and gentle your significant other was because they came home with flowers and drew you a nice bath with candles around the tub, whispered sweet shit in your ear.
Talk about how we should all sit around and sing kumba-ya, eat granola, hug a tree, kiss a whale, and suck on the bong. I don't give a shit. But I damn sure will skip right by that shit. It don't interest me at all.

Racist? FW hasn't read the blog. I have never on this blog been racist. I may have been idiot-ist a few times. Like when I think some people are inferior or stupid because they have barbaric beliefs. Or because I don't think some assholes should ruin peoples lives because of those beliefs.
Anyone who hasn't been brainwashed since birth, who has actually been raised with any sort of scruples should be able to see that some people are not treated as human beings. I merely point that out on occasion.
If I'm a racist because I think idiots following ridiculous traditions and barbaric laws are inferior, then by God so be it. And fuck you if you choose to follow that shit.

Sexist? Again. FW has jumped to a conclusion. There ain't nothing on this blog sexist. Unless maybe FW read one of the jokes. Hey, if you don't have a sense of humor, then again. Leave. Don't come back. You're not welcome here.
I love women. They smell good. They feel good. I married one of the smartest and nicest ones I know. I wouldn't trade that for any male companionship.
Again, I may tell some guy jokes, but believe me. I've read a few guy-bashing jokes in my day too. I'm not that thin-skinned.

Hate? I refer FW to the 'racist' paragraph above.
Yes, I have a hatred for idiots and assholes. Those sort of people I would just as soon take out to the desert and use for target practice as to even look at them. May they all go to the worst flaming hell imaginable.

And general ignorance?
I bee a sumwhut edumacated feller. I dun growed up ant livd alla these here years all buy mu dam self. I reckon I learnt a thing or three along the way.
And yes, I watch and read news. I have a little information tucked away with which to form my opinions.

Do I know how the Iraqi's feel? Of course not. I've never been to Iraq. I've never even met an Iraqi who wasn't already somewhat americanized by living here for a few years prior to our meeting. So no, I don't know how they feel.
I do know the way I was raised and my values would be totally unacceptable there.
I also know how I would feel if I were in their place. I'm emphathetic.
I know how I would feel if my friends or family were treated the way Iraqi's were were/are treated. The tortures, rapes, killings, mutilations, ... I really shouldn't have to elaborate.
should maybe do a little research and find out what really goes on there. At least there isn't as much of it now - now that we've removed one of the biggest idiots from power. Along with his idiot sons.
Good Gawd FW. Just open your eyes and enlighten yourself. Can you really think those people were treated fairly and justly under Sadaam's rule?

And yes FW, I give a fuck. Otherwise I wouldn't post about it here.
I totally support the task my government has taken and the effort they have put forth so far in trying to restore some semblence of civilization to that part of the world. I'm proud of them, and I'm proud to live here.

My guess is FW don't give a fuck. My guess FW is happy hiding under the name of Anonymous and under the safe umbrella of a 'conscientious objector'. Well FW, I'm glad you don't live in the USA. We don't need candy-assed, cry-baby, diaper soiling wussy-boys here. Stay the hell where you are. Make your American wife proud.
Then you and Mike Moore go fuck yourselves.


bullish1974 said...

man, you rock! the comment you did a while back on anonymous' comment was good enough! LOL!

FW should be stoned to death.

keep it up, dude. still enjoying your posts (though i hate, hate, hate to admit that i comment here quite infrequently.)

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, FW is quite the loser. Oh well. I'll probably never hear back from the moron.

Glad you're liking the posts.
About commenting - I don't comment very often on the blogs I read either. I guess that's just the cookie crumbles.