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Thursday, May 12, 2005

"You Vill Show Me Ze Papers"

This is just so wrong:

The United States is getting a national ID card. The REAL ID Act (text of the bill and the Congressional Research Services analysis of the bill) establishes uniform standards for state driver's licenses, effectively creating a national ID card."
This is supposed to curtail illegals from driving, working, flying,...
What's next - A bar code on our forehead? A RFID chip embedded under our skin?
These will be forged eventually, just like current forms of ID are being forged.
Or if your card gets stolen or lost? Someone will have access to every facet of your life.

On top of all that, eveytime the thing is scanned, the record of the scan will be retained.
I know it sounds like 'Big Brother', and it is. Excessive government control has never done anything for any country.

Illegals drive and work now without any sort of ID. This nubnut idea won't change that.
Maybe we ought to spend the ridiculous amount of money this will cost on more security on the borders.
Maybe we should redirect the money we spend on education and indigent care for illegals to hiring a few more border patrol officers. Or pay the minutemen.
How about putting forth a little more effort on rounding up illegals and kicking their asses out of the country. Tighten up visas a little.

1 comment:

Peggasus said...

This kid (mid-20s, I'd say) on my bowling league has a bar code tattoo on the back of his neck.

I'd like to hear his explanation for the post-modern irony of that. Except he's really not that smart. And it looks stupid.