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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mmmm. Stylin'

New Vespa "LX" scoots into US market:

The diminuitive Vespa, the chic scooter typifying European elan, is aiming to zip into a market niche in the United States -- the land where the gas guzzling auto is king.

Riders can hit the road on a Vespa LX starting at a cool 3,199 dollars. The machine is available in eight colours, and in a 50cc and 150cc version. Top speed is advertised at a perilous 65 miles per hour (104 kilometres).
Eight colors? WOW! 150cc? JUST DAMN!
65 mph? Yeah, right.

As a rush of pimply faced dweebs drop the X-box controller, rush from their mother's basements and storm the streets...

This guy is already in line:

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