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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Darwin Award Candidate

From the AP:
Man's Leg, Torso Fall Out of Plane in N.Y.

FLORAL PARK, N.Y. - The body of an apparent stowaway was ripped in half during flight Tuesday and his leg crashed into a suburban neighborhood, where a homeowner found the severed limb in the middle of her lawn, authorities said.

Pam Hearne heard 'a loud crash' and later was stunned to see a foot clad in an Adidas sneaker and a sock in her yard, said Officer Thomas Blanchard. The leg, with hip and spine attached, dented the shingled roof of her garage before bouncing into the lawn.

Police suspect the remains are from a stowaway who may have been crushed as the South African Airways jet lowered its landing gear on its approach to Kennedy Airport.
Bwah! Finding a leg on your lawn? What a way to start the day.

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