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Monday, June 20, 2005

Guantanamo Goofballs

So now Big Bad Bill is jumping on the bandwagon:
'Close or clean up' Guantanamo - Clinton:

LONDON (Reuters) - Former President
Bill Clinton has said the United States should either 'close down or clean up' the Guantanamo Bay prison for foreign terrorism suspects.

In an interview with the Financial Times published on Monday, Clinton said American or British troops would be at much greater risk if they had a reputation for abusing people.

'Well, it either needs to be closed down or cleaned up,' Clinton said when asked whether the camp on Cuba should close.
It would matter if there was really abuse going on there. Sure, maybe the prisoners aren't happy. But there is no proof things are happening on any sort of scale compared to the grief those assholes cause when they're not in being held in prison.

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As always... Rachael said...

If it weren't for you and mister pissed, I'd have no idea what was going on with the world... so thank you!