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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Say. Anybody remember this other little spat going on?:
Afghans say over 60 Taliban dead in fierce fighting:

"Afghan and U.S. troops backed by warplanes have killed more than 60 Taliban guerrillas in southwestern Afghanistan in the bloodiest fighting in months, officials said on Wednesday.

Afghan officials said eight members of the Afghan security forces had also died in the fighting in the north of Kandahar province to suppress a surge in guerrilla violence in the run-up to Sept. 18 parliamentary elections.

The U.S. military said earlier its initial estimates were of 40 guerrilla dead, but spokeswoman Lieutenant Cindy Moore said this figure could rise as more reports from the field came in.

She said five U.S. troops had been wounded."
[emphasis mine]
In case you forgot, we still have a lot of troops in Afghanistan. And apparently, they're still doing their job over there.

A big pat on the back from me.


As always... Rachael said...

yeah, we don't hear much about that anymore... isn't that what started this whole ordeal (supposedly). I'm glad ther are thinkers like you out there, pointing this shit out and putting in nugget-form that's readable to someone like me.

curmudgeon said...

How about the part where I use they're, their and there in one sentence?

Pooke said...

We haven't forgotten. Over three deployments I've "adopted" 3 soldiers, a Marine and an entire AF unit. God Bless Them All.