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Monday, June 27, 2005

You Mean Rape Isn't Always Proper?

Good news from the middle east:
When Mukhtaran Mai, a simple, uneducated peasant of a small village, was gang raped on the orders of a local council, her life was supposed to be over. In Pakistan's tribal and feudal culture, rape victims are usually ostracized. But Ms. Mai refused to back down, dedicating her life to social work and to changing attitudes about women.

"I had only three choices. Either to commit suicide by jumping in a well or shed tears all my life like any other victim in such cases. Or I could challenge the cruel feudal and tribal system and harsh attitudes of society," says Mai in a phone interview with the Monitor.

For three years, Mai has been fighting an uphill battle for justice against the culprits. Monday she is set to appear in Pakistan's Supreme Court to seek punishment for 12 men, including four alleged rapists. Lower courts put one of her attackers behind bars for life, but five other convicted men were freed on appeal because of a "lack of sufficient evidence."

I'm glad to hear about this. At least one woman over there realizes this sort of shit is wrong and is doing something about it. But I'm sure we'll hear about her dead in the gutter before long, a bullet hole in her head. Fucking moron towel headed 'Tribal Elders '. Yeah, they know what's best.

I wish her the best of luck.

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