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Monday, June 13, 2005

How Stupid

From Roto-Reuters*:
"Six aid workers, including an American, were arrested in New Delhi on Monday after several children were hurt when candles they were carrying in a march against child labor ignited their hydrogen-filled balloons."
What moron would fill ballons with hydrogen?
Well, I take that back. I may do it for fun, if I was a good distance away and could detonate it remotely, it would make for some entertaining booms.
But to actually use hydrogen instead of say - helium - to pump up balloons, then pass them out to kids? You would either have to be an idiot, or a sadist.

*I'm not going to bother with a perma-link. They just don't last.

1 comment:

shoes said...

well thank god i only inflated my kids pool with hydrogen and not some fuckin balloons....whew.....i was worried there