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Monday, November 27, 2006

Blogger Beta

I fucking hate it already.

I haven't yet been assimilated, but it seems every time I visit one of my daily reads that has made the conversion, something don't work for me. Can't see something, can't comment, the tab order is all out of whack, etc.

Typical beta shit. Typical free shit.

So one of three things is probably going to happen here:
I will keep my blog as is;
Blogger will come out with Blogger "release" - a working, stable step in the alpha - beta evolution process of software development - at which time I will probably be forced to convert;
Blogger will kiss my ass as I move to a different blog host.

One way or the other, if y'all choose to be drawn in by the great force that is Google, PLEASE!! FOR MY SAKE!! Test your conversion. Make sure it works.

Try clicking the links, posting a comment, sending an email. Put it through some paces before you consider it a wrap.

This free shit is fucked up enough without using fucked-up free shit.

Say that three times fast! I dare you!

Hah! You did, didn't you!


Jean said...

I'm not changing yet, either... I may need to pick your brain, though, if a change is forced.

curmudgeon said...

Let's just hope they get all the dysfunctional shit fixed first.

Just D said...

It isn't that bad..all the bugs it seemed to have when I first tried it seems to have been resolved.

I swear the assimilation is now fairly painless.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Every time I go into my blog, they solicit for Beta, and I ignore them. Am I going to have to change at some point?

What other blog hosts are there?

Anonymous said...

You know, that's why I have been jumping to the one blogg-host to the others and just when you start to get familiar with it, they change something so nothing works. I have now changed to beta, but the pix's I have whitch should have some motions, doesn't ...Argh

curmudgeon said...

It's still a beta. I don't use betas. I'm sure I'll eventually convert, or go to another host but not until I am forced.

After they implement a 'release' version, I'm sure we'll all have to convert or else they'll do it for us.

Other blog hosts? Hmmm. I know there are a few, but I haven't checked any out really.
I've seen LiveJournal blogs, and Mark switched to blogsavy rather than be assimilated.

Another heads up. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i changed and it seems to be working just fine. people have commented to me how much beter it is

curmudgeon said...

Maybe it's just us stubborn non-conformists having issues and not the ones who use it.

Freddie said...

I just switched. Lemme know if you have problems.

curmudgeon said...

I'll give it a try.