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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

R & R

So...I guess as is the tradition for bloggers, when one takes a vacation, one comes back and relates the experience. Be it to rub everyone else's nose in the fact that someone took a vacation and you didn't (naner-naner), or just to have something to post about, here is my post-vacation post.

Mark has already touched on it a little, the ill (pun) side effects of said vacation, but allow me to elaborate.

We (a group of 11 of us) set sail upon the balmy sea Sunday the 22nd. We were headed for the "Mexican Riviera" - Puerto Vallarte, Mazatlan, then Cabo San Lucas. But alas, hurrican Paul had otherplans for us. Monday, during one of our "Fun Days At Sea", the captain announced that were we to maintain our current course, we would sail through the middle of Paul. So our intinerary would be changed to Ensenada, San Diego, and Catalina Island. The groan heard resounding through the ship was deafening, as was the sighs of relief by some people who were nervous about having to sail through a storm. But as a group, we collectively decided we would have fun anyway. Even though it wasn't where we had planned on going. And even though I don't care if I ever set foot in California again.

So we ended up in Ensenada as our first port of call on Wednesday, after being at sea since Sunday afternoon.
It was entertaining. We saw a couple of the local tourist attractions, got hounded by the many beggars, and had a couple cocktails while the shoppers shopped. Also included was a free Mexican economics lesson from the tour guide. (Mark may also have to verify some of my recollections but as near as I remember, here are some numbers).

We learned all about how employers provide the equivilent of 'Section 8' housing for their employees (No wonder they come here wanting free room and board). How when they buy a car, it will be at least five years old, as they are not allowed to import cars less than five years old. And how if they do choose to buy a car, they have to put at least 35% down and pay it off in two years.
We also learned why it takes them years to build a house. They do it all themselves. Why? They can't afford a mortage, even though the minimum wage is around $8.50. If they are to incur any financing, it would cost them around 21.5%, and has to be paid in full in 20 years. So they end up doing a little at a time.
Oh, and let's not forget (which I did) about the many fine wines to come from the area. The tour guide let us know quite frankly, and in all seriousness, that were the wines from that area aren't shipped to the United States. The reason? If they were, they would run producers from the Napa Valley out of business.
Uh, yeah.

Now if you've never been to Mexico:
  • Don't drink the water (unless you want the screaming shits)
  • Don't buy the silver (unless you really know your jewelry)
  • Don't bother with the cuban cigars (waaaaaay overpriced and overrated)
  • Don't buy any Chiclets (cheek-lay) from a child (you will be mobbed)
  • Don't offer to buy the child from the mother and offer a better life
The next port of call was San Diego on Friday. Now this was a stop worth making. If you ever get the chance, go to the San Diego zoo. It was great. All sorts of critters from all sorts of climates. Arctic Polar bears to Saharan gazelles. We didn't have time enough to see it all, but we saw a good chunk of it. Well worth visiting again when there is more time.

The last port of call was Catalina. By this time, it was me and Mrs. Curmudgeon's turn to catch the flu most everyone else in our group had suffered through.
Before you say anything, no. It was not "Bottle Flu". I know the difference between a hangover and the flu. I had both on this trip.
Anyway, I ended up staying on the boat all day. Mrs C went to Catalina for an hour or so, but ended up coming back to the boat and taking it easy the rest of the day too.

All in all we had a good time. We were with a fun bunch of people, and there was plenty to eat , drink and see.
There are tons of pictures, but I haven't felt up to posting them yet. I'll get around to it one of these days. I promise. Sometime after I shake this bug.


Anonymous said...

I told the women that there was no such thing as "Stir Ling" silver but they bought the crap anyway. Freaking plastic covered with chrome paint. At least it will never tarnish.

curmudgeon said...

Hey! I have a bunch of that stuff. Used to anyway. I used to get it out of bubblegum machines!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I went to Mexico on our honeymoon...

I know...lay off...we were broke...

Actually ended up in ensenada as well...

She brought home so damn many boxes of Chickletts it was insane. ;)


Jean said...

Sounds like a great trip (minus the flu)... in spite of the change in routes.... looking forward to pics.

curmudgeon said...

I won't fault you for going to Mexico for your honeymoon. There are some great places to go there. Ensenada just happens to not be one of them.

Maybe one of these days...

Scottsdale Girl said...

Did you know it cost more to landscape the SD Zoo than get the aminals? Or sumfin like that. Lemme check that fact with the family landscape architect - but yeah that.

Also, DAMN DAMN DAMN I so would have sent you money for some Talavera Pottery in the Calla Lily line ifn I knew you was gonna be near mehico. (Presuming you would have BOUGHT said items just by my merely asking of course)

It's the Princess in me.

Just D said...

I can't believe you guys didn't invite me.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I have problem commenting your blogg... It all the time comes up an error...I have now tried 12 times... I bet it goes through now. If not...Then I have to give up.. FUCKING SHIT

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

HOLY SHIT...THERE IT WENT THROUGH... Any way...I have forgot what I wanted to say anyway...

curmudgeon said...

The problem there is that I avoid shopping at all costs. I would have spent your money at the cantina. :)

just d,
Next time fer sher.

Sorry. Blogger was being a real pain in the ass yesterday. Let's see how it behaves today.

Freddie said...

Glad you had a nice trip, and hope you feel better soon.

curmudgeon said...

Thanx freddie!

EuropeanTop said...
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curmudgeon said...

I only remove spam by the way.