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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ultimate Concert - Act I

I have XM satellite radio. I love the shit. They play a decent variety of songs and on the music stations, there are no commercials. I have docks for the receiver in my truck, in the garage and on my desk at work. So between those three places, my radio is playing pretty much non-stop during my waking hours.

On a road trip a week or so ago, whilst of course the radio was playing, the wife and I were daydreaming about what some of our favorite songs were. We started talking about how if we were stranded on a deserted isle and had with us one CD containing our favorite, bestest songs of all time, what would they be. It's amazing how similar and different we can be at the same time.
Then I got to thinking that given the opportunity, if I were to attend the ultimate concert, what songs would be played by which bands? The concert wouldn't have to be limited to a single act. No, it would be all your favorite songs played back-to-back by the bands that recorded them, either originally or as covers. Whichever you preferred.
So I started coming up with a list of songs and who I would want to perform them, in order more or less of when the members of the band consisted of the musicians I prefer. Here are the first five. I'll add more as I get so inspired:

"Here Comes The Sun" - Beatles, circa 1968
Back when they were the long-haired hippy freaks. Before anyone was into religion and Yoko

"Old Fashioned Love Song" - Three Dog Night, circa 1970
I've liked this band since my brother played their records. I even have a DVD Santa brought me for Christmas last year.

"Whole Lotta Love" - Led Zeppelin, circa 1972
This is the song that made me decide Rock and Roll was The Shit. Until then, I didn't really care what was on the radio as long as it wasn't static.

"Great Gig In The Sky" - Pink Floyd, circa 1973
From the first time I heard their somewhat non-standard, somewhat spacey music I was hooked. And to hear that solo with that awesome voice...

"Women In Love" - Van Halen, circa 1980
Yes, I like Sammy too. He's just not Diamond Dave. But I must have replayed Eddy's approximately 30 second intro oh, I dunno. 50 times one day.

Care to add to the list?


lilfeathers2000 said...

You have a GOD BLESSED Weekend.
Remembering All Our Vets
God Bless our Vets
One and All

Anonymous said...

Fleetwood Mac singing either Dreams or Rhiannon.

But I'm getting ticked off because XM is having more and more commericials. The reason I bought the freaking thing was to get away from all the Viagra commericals, and now XM is playing them...AGH!!!!

Natalia said...

Here Comes the Sun always makes me feel good.


Anonymous said...

well i have sirius but i agree with your choices. i'd personally throw dylans blood on the tracks cd if i could only have one cd

curmudgeon said...

Yeah, I would go along with that too. I like The Mac.

It's definitely a classic.

I know a couple people who have sirius and the seem to like it quite well. I don't know how it compares to XM music-wise, but I'm sure they're quite similar.
I haven't heard all of the Dylan CD, but "Tangled Up In Blue" is one of my favorites.