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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Agree

Smokers, obese should pay more health insurance: poll:

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Most Americans believe smokers and obese people should pay more for health insurance, but they have mixed views on how to help the millions without any health insurance, according to a survey published on Tuesday.
If you're going to knowingly do something detrimental to your health, maybe you should pay more for insurance.

But why limit it to smokers and fatties? Shouldn't drinkers pay more too? Booze is bad for you, is it not?
And druggies. Their insurance should be way higher. In fact, everyone should get drug tested on a regular basis, shouldn't they? Make sure they aren't on the verge of killing themselves.
How about snowboarders or motorbike riders? Why should they be let off the hook? Chances are higher they'll hurt themselves than someone who doesn't participate in those sort of activities.
And players on the local softball team - there's a better chance they'll get hurt than someone watching from the bleachers. Especially if they had a quick cheeseburger before the game, have a beer and a smoke break between half innings, then ride home on their motorbike.

See where this is going? Where do we draw the line?


Anonymous said...

Smokers already do pay more for insurance. We pay an extra $40 a month "tobacco usage" fee on health insurance.

Natalia said...

We "fatties" don't like that term. And some of us fatties have PCOS and cannot help gaining weight. :)


curmudgeon said...

Yeah, I know what you mean.
And that's what pisses me off. Why limit it to just smokers? Smokers shouldn't pay more. Everyone - even health nuts - should pay the same amount. Even though they don't smoke, health nuts are going to sprain something jogging on the treadmill.

curmudgeon said...

Sorry, no insult intended. I ain't the trimmest person in the world either. I was merely reflecting from the insurance company's eyes.

I am a smart ass. Stick around and you'll see.

Anonymous said...

If you live in LA you should pay more because the air out there is far worse than in any bar I've ever passed out in.

curmudgeon said...

Good point. Pollution should be a determining factor too.

Natalia said...

No offense perceived...I am fat. No doubt about that. I am just saying there are reasons. I have often heard people equate snokers to fat people under the light of "they do it to themselves" but while smoking is a choice, being fat isn't...at least not all the time. But it's still a worthwhile topic.


Scottsdale Girl said...

I pay more for my insurance because I smoke and I work for a health insurance company.

I also drink and am 15 lbs overweight.

I also ride on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle.

I drive in Phoenix everyday.

I wake up in the morning.

I eat lettuce.

I eat meat.

Yer right. The only answer is LIFE INSURANCE, lots of it. As cheap as you can get it folks.

curmudgeon said...

You're livin' on the edge there. You should pay at least three or four times what I pay.