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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Court says U.S. discriminates against blind with currency

Reuters - Tue Nov 28, 9:46 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government discriminates against blind people because American currency is not designed to be distinguishable to visually impaired people, a federal judge said on Tuesday.
Oh, great. That fucking Bush is wasting money reprinting money. Figgers.

We could be using that money to build homes in New Orleans. Or we could send that money to Africa - a'la Bono - and cure every disease they have running around loose over there.
How about using it to invent alternative fuels? Or maybe resupplying the ozone layer?

Naw, this is a much better project.

Love that word too: 'Discriminate'. We're just never going to please everyone.


Scottsdale Girl said...

This story was my "what the FUCK" moment this morning.

Anonymous said...

the fuckin government. i cant believe they would do that. why dont they discriminate like the rest of us. i go to the homes of the blind and rearrange the furniture. sure i'm an asshole but i wouldnt use money like that

curmudgeon said...


They must be bored too. :)