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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


IHOP changes policy of asking for IDs

8 minutes ago
QUINCY, Mass. - John Russo has been a victim of identity theft. So when he was asked to fork over a photo ID just to be seated at an IHOP pancake restaurant, he flipped. "'You want my license? I'm going for pancakes, I'm not buying the Hope diamond,' and they refused to seat us," Russo said, recounting his experience this week at the Quincy IHOP.
Yeah. Cold day in hell when I fork over my ID to sit in a restaurant.

Y'all better come up with Plan "B". Which, may be "Close your doors".

1 comment:

Miss Sassy said...

no time to try to phathom why you would need an ID to order breakfast, unless it was the on-site prison IHOP, in which case you would simply spout your numbers, so it STILL doesn't work in my noggen.
I need to sit down. This is just crazy talk.