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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Here We Go Again!

Mom Sues Wal-Mart Over Daughter's Suicide:
"Wal-Mart just seven miles away should have never sold her the shotgun she used to kill herself"
FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!! People, people, people.
It wasn't Wallymart's fault, it wasn't the shotgun's fault, it wasn't the AMA's fault, it wasn't President Bush's fault.
You go shoot yourself, it's YOUR OWN damn fault. YOU pulled the trigger.
You spill hot coffee on your lap, it's YOUR OWN damn fault. You ordered the coffee, right? Did you want it fresh out of the refridgerator? Idiot.
You eat yourself so fat you can't wipe your own ass any more, it's YOUR OWN fault. You walked (or rolled) up to the counter and ordered all those cheeseburgers with fries and diet coke, and then put them down your own throat. The cashier behind the counter didn't hold you down and stuff them in your mouth.
You run over you own child in the driveway, it's not the car manufacturer's fault. Again, it's YOUR OWN damn fault. You didn't look first. You didn't check where your kids were.
When are we going to get past this "It was everyone else's fault but my own" bullshit?

Now granted. This person had a mental illness. She was diagnosed "bipolar and schizophrenic". She shouldn't have a gun. But was it Wally's responsibility to ask her if she was mentally stable enough to own one? No. If she was that crazy to the extreme of being suicidal, she should have been somewhere being taken care of rather than shopping for a gun. She maybe should have been home being taken care of by mom (Wait! Mom? It wasn't her fault!), or a halfway house, hospital, care center, whatever. If she was a danger to herself or others, she should have had better supervision.
Medical records are confidential. They are not public record. And they shouldn't be. Should the doctor have reported her condition to Big Brother so when Wally's did her background check it would have shown up? HELL NO! That shouldn't be public knowledge. Again, she should have had better supervision.

I know - let's just take away all guns. Make them all illegal to own. That way, there would be no guns to have to worry about. Then we can take away any other deadly weapon. Knives, axes, hammers, cars, baseball bats, lead pipes, scissors, letter openers, finger nail files, box cutters, ropes, plastic bags, .....

For sale:
Fired once.
Needs a little cleanup.

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