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Friday, December 03, 2004

Where's a Greyhound Bus when you need one


Now we're at it again, this time in Iraq, a nation that would never have invaded us.

Ted Rall just needs to be dragged by the balls backward through the streets of Iraq until his eyelids are scraped open enough to see what the fuck is going on in the world.

The Taliban and Al Queda are doing their best to rid the world of "the infidels". (Ummm, that would include us, Ted). They are basically trying to rid the world of anyone who doesn't go along with their beliefs. (That would be any other christian, jew, buddhist, ... Ted). Most people when inflicted with a cancerous tumor, cut it out before it takes over. Unless like Hitler, it removes itself.

I don't know what crystal ball this moron was looking into, unless it was the crystal globe attached to the bottom of his overly tarred bong, but one way or the other, he's living in some sort of self induced fantasy.

What most tree hugging, granola eating, whale hugging, kumba-ya singing liberals fail to realize, is that we're not fighting the entire country of Iraq, or Afghanistan, we're fighting the rebels, the terrorists, the murderers and rapists who seem to think they're doing Allah's work. If this Allah is the type who supports death by whipping, revenge raping, chopping off people's heads, limbs and hands, then I for one will have no part of it.

These criminals need to be removed from the human race, and hopefully before too many more innocent lives have been ruined. I'm talking about innocent citizens at the hands of these shitbags, not just the selfless soldiers being killed.

What have you ever in your life sacrificed for the good of the people, Ted? Maybe given up a seat on the bus to a pregnant woman?

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