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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


My weekend? What did it consist of? Glad you asked.

Yes, there is more. Much more. But these are some highlights.
Click for a larger version.

Friday morning, we took a ride up to Potter's Ponds to do a little fishing. Here's what it was like up there:

Friday afternoon was taken up with golfing. No camera required.

Saturday morning, we took a trip out on the desert to have a look at the dinosaur footprint:

Saturday afternoon brought a 4-wheeler trip up into the mountains. Here we are at almost 11,000 feet:

On our way down the mountain, We stopped at another one of my favorite fishing spots, Grassy Lake:

Here is a picture of a small forest fire near the top of the mountains:

Bambi was a little curious about all the traffic:

There are really good quality hi-rez pictures if you so desire. Just send me an email.


Peggasus said...

Oh my, they're just beautiful!

Not that the miles and miles of corn and soybean field I saw this week through central Ilinois don't have their own charm.

Nah, I'm lying. You win.

curmudgeon said...

Glad you enjoyed them!

Pammy said...

Sounds like peggasus and I have the same view. hehe

Absolutely gorgeous! I've just gotta see some mountains onea these days.

curmudgeon said...


You've never seen the mountains?!?!

Oh my. You really need to visit the Rockies. Skyscrapers have nothing on them.