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Monday, July 25, 2005

Rauchen Verboten

So I hear New Jersey is fixin' ta ban smoking in vehicles.

Not just cars with kids in, as some states have threatened, but anyone sucking on a cigar, pipe or tailor-made could be subject to a $250 fine for a FIRST OFFENSE.

This isn't anywhere near a smoking v. non-smoking issue. Second-hand smoke cry-babies be damned. No relevence whatsoever.
The issue here is supposedly, safety. Smoking is a distraction.

Well - here it is: Bullshit.

This is a lame assed attempt by the legislators to make themselves look like they care about 'the people'. This will only open the door for more restrictions. If this passes, do-gooders supposedly protecting The Children (tm) will be coming up with more and more things to help us all live safer and fuller lives.

What other distractions can we come up with. How about (obviously) cell phones. Also radios, tape and C.D. players. Constantly switching channels or recordings.

No movies for the kids. Someone may be watching your teevee in your car.
But wait a minute here - kids? Can't have them in the car. They can surely be distracting.
Any passenger for that matter. No car pooling! Can't be distracted with conversation. Everyone must have their own car. Their own car? That may be a bad thing.

On to makeup, razors, clothes, shoes, diapers...
What about an ice cold soda. Coffee. Bottled water. Gone.
BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL BUB!!! 10:00 and 2:00!!!

It don't matter whether you smoke or not. A restriction like this WILL affect EVERYONE sooner or later. This horseshit is only the whitehead portion of an enormous boil on everyone's the ass if it is allowed to pass.

Update: I dunno what I did, but never trust your clipboard. It's fixed now.


ric ottaiano said...

New Jersey (which I grudingly admit is my home state) is fast becoming a bastion of politically correct nanny state-ism...i'd love the link to the article...

Lone Ranger said...

It's just another tax.

curmudgeon said...


I forgot to add it. You can either click on it in the post or go here:

Pammy said...

Boy, don't even get me started. If they can do that, then it leaves the door WIDE open for dictating just exactly what you can and cannot do in the privacy of your own home.

Oh, and btw...the 'experts' NOW say that '10 and 2' is dangerous. It should be 10 and 5...because if the airbag goes off and your hands are at 10 and 2, your arms can smash your face in.

I wanna scream.

Pammy said...

Ooops. I looked it up. It's 8 & 4, not 10 & 5.

curmudgeon said...

I guess I'm out of touch.